Dear Wine Friends,
You know my passion and commitment to Primitivo di Manduria. I’ve researched its relationship with
Zinfandel, and I’ve further deepened my thirst for knowledge of this beloved wine through connections with
the Californian Zap, and Crnjelak from Croatia and the University of Zagreb
The most intimate of you also know my love for music and, specifically, the piano. Surely, you remember the
grand piano in many of my Vinitaly stands, and the tasting days we capped off playing and singing together
into the night.

These two parallel passions have come together in a unique milestone event where Primitivo vineyards in
Puglia will act as theater and nature will be an orchestra. As we all know, wine culture is an art itself. The
process of taking care of the vines, preserving their nature to produce, interpreting the signs of their
phenology, and looking after the grapes requires intuition, discipline, and years of study and preparation.
It’s a journey akin to becoming a virtuosic musician.
My dear friend, Ferdinando Arnò, a Manduriano DOC like me, inspired by the majesty of Primitivo's roots,
has conceived a musical project so extraordinary it deserves to be brought to the attention of wine lovers
around the world.
Ferdinando is a great artist, celebrated musician and composer. He has managed to capture the electrical
impulses emitted by Primitivo plants and transform them into frequencies. He is thusly translating "the
language" of plants into notes. With these notes as a musical basis, he adds chords and melodies to create a
savory symphony, “the Chant of the Vineyard.” These notes from the vines are “captured live” alongside
musicians playing. Taken together, the resulting effect is an intriguing artistic interplay—a man/plant
communication that captures jazz’s improvisational spirit. This sensory milestone recalls the great Luigi
Veronelli quote: “Wine is the chant of the earth towards the sky.”
It fascinates me that we’re involving fifth sense—hearing—in a wine experience, thus inviting us to respect
the harmony of nature. Apart from my impulsive desire to play piano in this breathtaking and
groundbreaking setting, my feeling is this undertaking sends forth to the world a beautiful message of hope
that feels aligned with our international wine-loving family. This is precisely why I volunteered to be the
spokesperson for this highly original event, and share my joy and passion for it through reaching out to all
my acquaintances and international magazines in the industry.
Here are more details for this real concert for vineyard and orchestra. The theater will be the Primitivo
vineyard of the wonderful Masseria Le Fabriche. Within this lush performance space, Primitivo plants and
roughly 30 members of the Taranto Magna Graecia Orchestra all led by Ferdinando will perform "The Chant
of the Primitivo Vine." Ferdinando, in association with his production house and recording studio quiet,
please!, is offering a magical experience to enjoy wine, music and nature.
I would be very happy if you, too, could spread the news, share the video, and invite as many as you can to
enjoy this once-in-a-lifetime concert experience.
Gregory Perrucci
How to participate
The video of the event, " The Chant of the Primitivo Vine, " will be previewed (YouTube Première) on the
YouTube channel quietplease ( on Sunday 23th of May at 16:30. It will
also be possible to "embed" the video on your web page via a sharing link which will be provided a few
hours before the preview.




Gregory Perrucci
C/o Felline Agricola srl
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