Spazio Primitivo is a hub, a place where to experience "unique" tastings, consult, purchase Agricola Felline wines and participate in events and activities on the culture of wine.

Where wine takes center stage

Spazio Primitivo was born in Manduria and from the 70s until the end of the 90s it was a winery from which hundreds of millions of liters of bulk wine were exported throughout Europe.

A place of unique charm, with its underground cisterns and industrial plants that made the daily loading of entire ships of wine, from the ports of Gallipoli, Taranto and Brindisi to be simple and fast.

Today Spazio Primitivo hosts the Wine Library of Felline and, in its 400 square meters with more than 100 seats, holds Tasting Experiences, welcomes new initiatives, Events and activities around the Wine Culture.

A place that contains in its name – Primitivo – the history of the territory and its vine, but also a spontaneous way of thinking about cultural entertainment, free from constraints and clichés.

A place where to  
be surprised
get excited
The tastings

Tasting Experience

We welcome you in a Space that exudes history, work and dedication to guide you through "unique" experiences, for wine culture, gustative memory, exciting sharing.
What we offer you
The Agricola Felline shop

Wine Library

Spazio Primitivo is first of all a “bookstore”, a space to consult on the Agricola Felline wines.

The numerous bottles, from current vintages to historical ones – whether preserved for future memory or waiting to be uncorked on a “particular” occasion – are testimony to production, evolution, emotions.

A highly trained staff with friendly professionalism will introduce you to the history, anecdotes and secrets of our wines, illustrate the peculiarities of the territory and advise you on purchases.

The key to accessing the Wine Library is curiosity about the world of wine. Everything else will be done by the magic of the place.


Events of
di Spazio Primitivo

Our main events are, by now, of a ritual nature and have an ever growing appeal.

We like to combine every art form with wine, whether it is one produced by us or it comes from all over the world. In a simple and informal way, starting from conveniently selected wines, we propose comparisons and learn about cultures, traditions and peculiarities of peoples dedicated to viticulture.

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Anarkos Summer Fest
15 Agosto 2023

Celebriamo la Presa della Bastiglia del 14 luglio a #SpazioPrimitivo.
Una giornata da “vivere” a Spazio Primitivo.
A Spazio Primitivo festeggiamo l'estate di San Martino a modo nostro!
Ogni 31 ottobre a Spazio Primitivo FELLINE incontra FELLINI.
O la Paella o la Brace, o tutt’e due!
Alziamo i nostri Calici al cielo per catturare le Stelle cadenti ed esprimere i desideri più intensi.
Your parties

Private events

A location like Spazio Primitivo is ideal for hosting private events.

Be it cultural presentations, corporate meetings, gatherings, anniversaries  celebrations and, even, original marriage rites. We actually leave to the imagination of visitors the possibilities of using our Space, limiting ourselves to verify the preconditions of congruence with the spirit of the place and with our company policy.